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The perfect German wirehaired pointing dog

To impregnate a Deutsch Drahthaar female  by a prominent breeding male can be complex: identifying the exact period of oestrus and the consequent ideal moment for mating (no later than 2 days from ovulation) often clashes with the need to transfer the female to meet the chosen male at a very distant breeding farm or facility, often abroad.

The stress of a long journey can have a very negative impact on the reproductive possibilities of the female: to solve this problem we offer the possibility of hosting the female in Italy for the entire fertile and optimal period at conception, in order to optimize the possibilities of a pregnancy.

An environment suitable for the relaxation of the specimens and the presence of the best purebred Deutsch Drahthaar breeders guarantee a fruitful breeding and a promising offspring.

Our males for the breed represent the best that the Deutsch Drahthaar pedigree has to offer: firm, balanced, controlled, neither shy nor aggressive. Strong and faithful animals, our breeding males are excellent companions for life and hunting, friendly towards family, children and other dogs, versatile in hunting.

Our dogs are well connected to the handler, obedient and resistant to work, they do not show fear towards wild animals, nor are they sensitive to shooting: this makes them versatile partners, suitable for work, hunting and the recovery of all wild animals – from snipe to deer.

All our specimens have carried out official tests that certify their abilities: resistance to work, solidity of the stop, use of the nose, predisposition to carry are guaranteed by the certificates issued upon passing the tests such as HZP and VGP, which can be consulted here on the site.

The German wirehaired pointing dog has always been bred with the aim of obtaining a stable and capable multi-purpose hunting dog.

Selected from the union of the best wirehaired breeds (Pudelpointer, Griffon Korthals, Deutsch Stichelhaar) with the addition of German Shorthaired Pointer, the Deutsch Drahthaar is a versatile working hunter in all hunting areas, with an extremely balanced, refined character. from a careful and constant selection of the best characteristics of the ancestors, from generation to generation.

Our males for breeding are morphologically perfect working dogs and come from work-focused breeding farms. The working genealogies are excellent and certified: you can consult the complete pedigree of each specimen to verify its exceptional qualities.

Our males for breeding are not only certified by excellent pedigrees and by the best known performance tests. They are also champions.

We participate in various shows and events, in which our specimen constantly stand out in every competition. You can consult the prizes won by each breeding male in the corresponding tab.

zent II VOM LIether-moor

Breeding Male

Zent II is a breeding male with a calm and balanced character: he is extremely obedient and connected to the handler, he is friendly towards the family, people and other dogs, he turns the right aggression only towards the wild.

Characterized by a great constancy during the search for the wild, a solid firmness and an excellent use of the extremely developed sense of smell, he stands out in every area of hunting, from the resistance to retrieve.

Zent II reported excellent results in all morphological and work performance tests. Homozygous W / W, each puppy generated will carry the characteristic beard.

Born on: 22/11/18
Color: Brsch
Pedigree N. 238849





The HZP tests determine the capabilities of the specimen in various areas such as:

Track on the Hare trail, Evaluation of the use of the nose, The wild search, Stop, Connection of the dog to the handler, Pleasure shown by the dog in working on the ground and in the water, Work in water with alive wild and carryover of dead wild from the water, Retrieving of a feathered animal (pheasant or duck), Retrieving a fur animal (hare or rabbit), Retrieving of a feather and furred animal, Obedience to the handler’s commands.





The VGP tests determine the capabilities of the specimen in various areas such as:

Recovery of ungulates, Barking when ungulates are found or shuttling between dead ungulate and the handler, Retrieve the fox by jumping over an obstacle, Follow the trail of a wounded fox, Retrieval of a fox, Follow the trail of an wounded rabbit, Retrieving a rabbit, Search for wild in the woods without the handler, Search in the woods with the conductor, Search for the hidden dead duck, Search for the wounded duck, Retrieval of the duck, Use of the nose, Search for the wild, Guided pointing, Search for feathered animals, Search for a dead and hidden feather specimen, Obedience, Remain on the ground during a hunting trip, Walking on a leash in the wood, Walking next to the handler in the woods, Follow the handler at “heel” in the woods, Stay on the ground when shooting in the woods, Correct to the whisk, Correct on the hare, Correct to the shot.




The animal is homozygous, wire-haird, this means that it will certainly pass on the characteristic and precious beard to all offspring.




The specimen achieved a score of 10/10 (excellence).




Medical results: free from defects. The specimen is devoid of: HD (98) OCD (101) v. WD (T / T), and cannot transmit them to offspring.



Deutsch Drahthaar Breeding

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